Craig Copeland

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Flexible Hybrid


Henraux Flexible Hybrid Pavilion, 2010

After speaking at Marmomacc’s Designing with Stone in 2008, Copeland was invited by the stone company Henraux SpA to collaborate on the design of an exhibition pavilion with Turan Duda (a close friend, and former colleague at Cesar Pelli & Associates). 


Flexible Hybrid Pavilion Design, 2009



Flexible Hybrid Wall Screen, 2010

Henraux was invited to participate in Marmomacc Meets Design because of the historic advancements it continues to make in stone technologies and the stone arts – particularly in the fabrications of monumental sculptures for Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi and Tony Cragg. 


Flexible Hybrid Stone Panel Design and Fabrication, 2009

Copeland and Duda’s goal in designing stone as “Hybrid + Flexible” was to demonstrate new ways of approaching and understanding stone’s potential within today’s industrial toolbox, and to inspire future experiments to address the question, “How can mass production, made possible by technology, be utilized with hybrid materials and systems, to create infinitely unique forms and architectonic relationships?”


Flexible Hybrid Benches and Tables, 2010