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Liquid Stone

"Stone is the slow moving bone of mountains.  Within the scale of the universe, stone is a thin garment, constantly reshaping itself to fit tightly to our bumpy and shaky round planet.  Stone is alive and our intuition perceives its animation."  Craig Copeland

Cervaiole Flow - 2010


Liquid Stone was curated by Craig Copeland and provided three formally similar, thematically different views of nature’s powerful (and often hidden) forces within its seemingly inanimate rock, and featured the drawings, photographs and sculptures of Craig Copeland; drawings and paintings of William Steiger; videos, drawings and sculptures of Julia Venske and Gregor Spänle.

Acadia Peak 2010


The genesis of this group show dates to over twenty years ago, when Copeland and Steiger were first teamed together in a Yale University Art and Architecture Design Studio, in the Fall of 1988.  Frank Gehry and Claes Oldenburg were the instructors and creators of the collaborative studio.  It was Gehry and Oldenburg who selected the studio’s first team – Copeland and Steiger – based upon formal similarities shared between two Polaroid photos that each had taken of something “Unbuilt.”  The team went on to develop an architectural concept for a hydro-therapy center.   Water, as material resistance, emerged as the poetic core in Copeland and Steiger’s conceptual collaboration. 

"Unbuilt" 1988 W.Steiger   "Unbuilt" 1988 C.Copeland


Decades later, Liquid Stone proposes to play on the very inversion of “resistant water.” Copeland, Steiger, Venske and Spanle all live and work in New York City, cross-pollinating their experiences and ideas of life and art making in great frequency.  Steiger, Venske and Spanle show regularly at Margaret Thatcher Projects in Chelsea, New York City.  Copeland, Venske and Spanle carve regularly together in Williamsburg, New York City.


Three Little Birds, 2010


Liquid Stone - Gallery One (including Venske & Spanle Drops)


Three Little Sprouts


Liquid Stone - Gallery Three (including Venske & Spanle Bronzes)


Mother and Child (Seed and Sprout),  2010


Liquid Stone - Gallery One

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