Craig Copeland

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Figure Drawings


Pencil studies of a torso by Gaston Lachaise

Since the mid-1980's, after introductions to figure drawing through courses with Phil Grausman at Yale University, Craig Copeland has continued to develop 25 years of comprehensive observations in the human form.  The figure provides critical foundation to all of Copeland's work, inspiring his sculptural movements with gestures that resonate closely with nature.  Copeland's portfolio of figure drawings includes a broad array of quick, spontanious gestural studies, as well as longer, more sustained analysis of directly observed nudes and reinterpretations of modern masters' sculpture. 


Conte studies at the Metropolitan Museum of Art of Houdon's La Frileuse, 1787



Pencil studies of Elizabeth standing and pregnant with the Penelope to be


Pencil studies of "Mother and be" - Elizabeth pregnant and reclining


Pencil studies of Penelope napping, and detail of her soft, grasping hand