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“Embrace”s collective figurative form suggests many visual metaphors … walls encircling a public plaza, a shake of two hands, an opening and closing tulip… metaphors of invitation, metaphors of embrace.  It was designed and fabricated for "Soul of City", currated by Luca Molinari in collaboration with Platform Magazine and Marmomacc 2017. “Embrace”  was designed by Craig Copeland; supplied and fabricated by Lavagnoli Marmi - Marble Fabricator; Ca’ D’ORO – Marble Supplier; Steel Group - Steel Fabricator

When we embrace…in everyday, in our extreme moments of joy, of despair…we reaffirm and are comforted by our connection to the continuum of family, friends, lovers, and strangers…humanity.  The soul of any city lies in all the places where we congregate…to fulfill our social nature…to embrace. 


Embrace, Soul of City, Verona 2017 


Since 2009, Copeland has collaborated on 8 different stone quarry and fabricators' exhibition pavilions for Marmomacc, the premier international stone fair in Verona, Italy.  In all cases, the designs have featured stone as the primary building material.  While each design has varied in scale and scope, all have addressed placemaking design holistically.  By incorporating the most recently quarried materials, with experiments in cutting edge fabrication technologies, Copeland has helped advanced rich arrays of furniture design, architecture and art in travertine and marble.  


Caldia Curve / Marmi Graniti Italia 2014 - 16




HX: The DNA of Stone 2012 -2013


Up, Down, All Around - 2013



In, Out, All About - 2012


This Way, That Way - 2011




Stone Basket Weave - 2011


Flexible Hybrid - 2009-10