Craig Copeland

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Stone Basket Weave


Following a two year showing of Henraux's "Flexible Hybrid" - a collaborative design with Turan Duda - Copeland designed a new exhibition for Henraux at the same International Stone Fair in Verona.  Titled "Stone Basket Weave," the design won the premier “Best Communicator” Award for the 2011 Marmomacc Stone Fair.


"Stone Basket Weave" includes repetitive geometric-biomorphic patterns in low-relief panels of statuary white Altissimo marble. In the spirit of Jean Arp, Henry Moore, and Isamu Noguchi - artists who all once collaborated with Henraux - "Stone Basket Weave" intertwines figurative and geometric forms to celebrate the timeless enjoyment of designing with stone.



Undulating panels of twenty different international marbles and granites weave along the sides of the booth, hovering slightly above a pavement on Titanium travertine.



"Penelope," carved in 2010 with Henraux's own Cerviole marble, was featured with the Stone Basket Weave.